cordyceps mushroom benefits

10 cordyceps benefits

Regulate the function of immune system

Cordyceps benefits can both increase the number of immune system cells and tissues, promote the production of antibodies, increase the number of phagocytes and killer cells, and also reduce the function of certain immune cells.

cordyceps benefits





Antineoplastic function

The extracts of cordyceps sinensis have a clear inhibitory effect on tumor cells in vitro.Cordycepin is the main component of cordyceps sinensis.

Improve cell energy and helps fight fatigue

Cordyceps sinensis can improve the energy of the human energy plant – mitochondria, improve the body’s ability to tolerate cold, and reduce fatigue.

Regulate cardiac function

Furthermore, cordyceps can improve the ability of the heart to resist hypoxia,reduce the oxygen consumption of the heart and arrhythmia.

Regulate liver function

Cordyceps sinensis can reduce the damage of toxic substances to liver and the occurrence of liver fibrosis. In addition, by modulating the immune function, enhancing the antiviral ability, therefore,  it can play a beneficial role in viral hepatitis.

Regulates respiratory function

Cordyceps benefits has the effect of dilating bronchial, relieving asthma, removing phlegm and preventing emphysema.

Regulating renal function

Cordyceps sinensis can reduce chronic – diseased kidney disease, improve renal function and reduce the damage of toxic substances to the kidneys.

Regulate hematopoietic function

Cordyceps can enhance the ability of bone marrow to produce platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells.

Regulating blood lipid

Cordyceps can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, improve HDL, and also reduce atherosclerosis.

Other efficacy

In addition, cordyceps sinensis has antivirus function, regulating function of central nervous system and sexual function.  Finally, take cordyceps to supplement the deficiency, depending on the person and the disease. Taking them or taken simultaneously with other medicine. Can be water fried either maked medicinal food serve food, and be drunk as soup or wine to boost the person’s immunity.