About us

Hello everyone! My name is Shelley, my parents do cordyceps business when I was very young. Since my Mom and Dad worked hard for most of their life, after I graduated from college,in order to help my parents, i shuttles bettween Tibet and Shanghai.

Here, I will provide you with the best Cordyceps, teaching you how to eat cordyceps and how to distinguish fake cordyceps.

How did cordyceps sinensis come form ? The most popular explanation is that cordyceps bat moth spawning in the soil, when it became larvae, Cordyceps fungus species invade larvae, absorpted larvae’s nutrition, and continue to reproduce in larvae, resulting in larvae filled with mycelium. From May to July of the next year, the yellow or light brown fungus grows from the head of the larva and emerges from the ground to give a grass-like stem shape. That’s the formation of cordyceps.

Cordyceps sinensis in China is protected by National Geographic Indication Products and is recognized as a high quality Cordyceps in the world. Cordyceps sinensis in Tibet is expensive because of its good quality.The characteristics of Tibetan cordyceps: rough worm body, the surface of cordyceps is yellow and clean, with short stroma.

Cordyceps is hard to find, you need to bend over,be prostrate or kneeling, forwarding little on the ground looking for Cordyceps.After a whole busy day, the feet sour and hemp. Tibetan leg rheumatism is particularly common, because of long-term tummy Kneel looking for Cordyceps.

tibetan cordyceps

Hurricane-style mountain, rugged mountain, and sometimes the wolf infested. Because of this, some Tibetans never came back after entering the mountains. In this harsh environment, digging Cordyceps sinensis, each wild Cordyceps hard-won, or even risked their lives seeking.

We directly acquired from the hands of Tibetans, brush and clean Cordyceps soil, and clear Cordyceps money.